When To Reseal A Caravan

Water damage to caravans can be incredibly costly versus a regular maintenance program that ensures your caravan is always protected.

Queensland’s climate can be very harsh on caravans which is why many manufacturers recommend a yearly seal inspection to attend to any noticeable damage and a full reseal every 4 to 5 years.

When water damage does occur, customers are often surprised to find out that water leaks are generally not covered by their insurance, resulting in a major out of pocket experience.

With respect to new caravans under warranty it is important to read the fine print to understand what maintenance is expected by your manufacturer for your warranty to be valid. These vary considerably but generally, there will be a requirement on the owner of the caravan to undertake inspections and maintenance for the warranty to be valid.

Caravan frames are not meant to be exposed to any water, therefore any form of a leak can quickly result in the timber frame of your caravan rotting out. When timber rots and water reside inside the internal walls of your caravan it results in black mould forming in the lining of your caravan. 

Water leaks are not always easily visible and can weaken the caravan to the point where the slightest touch or bump will end up in going right through the body of the van. The health implications of being exposed to mouldy smells over time can be dangerous to adults and young families.

Te cost of ongoing maintenance by far outweighs the cost of repairing a caravan with medium to severe water damage which will cost you in the thousands of dollars.  

Talk to the team at Oz Caravan World to have your window, door and roof seals checked, repaired, or replaced.


Why Is It Important to Reseal Your Caravan and Windows?


Health Implications


If your caravan is unsealed, it has access to dust and germs as you drive around the Aussie outdoors.  This is not ideal for anyone who has a history of allergies. Once the timber is exposed to water, it will result in mould and mildew which reproduce seed and spores that travel through the air of your caravan and can result in allergies or cause asthma.


Impact on Your Caravan


Having an unsealed caravan has a similar effect on the caravan itself. The impact of dust, water and germs over time will deteriorate the body and interior of your caravan. Dust is not ideal for refrigerators, battery systems, sound systems etc and over time, the life of these products is shortened. 

Resale Value of Your Caravan


The impact over time of rain, germs, dust etc entering your caravan, will likely impact the look of your caravan.  Buyers are generally knowledgeable or will employ a professional contractor to inspect a perspective caravan for them.  These inspections will reveal, odours and potential damage resale value of your caravan by thousands of dollars.

What Should You Do?


If your last seal inspection was done more than 12 months ago, call our Service Centre and book your van in as soon as possible. We will identify and potential problems and get them fixed for you before they cost you thousands.


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