Caravan Air Conditioning Installation In Brisbane

Since you spend a great deal of time in a caravan while travelling and camping, you would want it to be as comfortable as possible. And if you travel in your caravan during the summer, especially since summers are getting hotter every year, it is a no-brainer to have the best caravan air conditioning inside your caravan.

Searching for the optimal caravan air conditioner or motorhome air conditioner can be a challenging endeavor, but fear not – we’re here to assist you!

We offer our customers a wide range of air conditioning brands ranging across a broad range of price points to suit all budgets. We offer a full installation or replacement service for a diverse array of caravan air conditioning systems, including rooftop caravan air conditioners, split system air conditioners, and under-bunk caravan air conditioners.

The most common choice for caravan air conditioning installations involves mounting the unit on the rooftop of your caravan. Depending on your caravan’s specifications an under-bunk air conditioner may be preferred, typically tucked away beneath the bed. Under-bunk air conditioners tend to be more prevalent in pop-top caravans or instances where limited roof space is a consideration.

We specialise in the comprehensive servicing of various motor home air conditioning units. Our expertise extends to the replacement of existing units and the seamless installation of new ones in a wide range of vehicles, from caravans and buses to vans, motorhomes and all other recreational vehicles. 

We Supply & Install These Air Conditioning Brands


Full Range of Dometic Air Conditioners


Full Range of Truma Air Conditioners


Full Range of Houghton Air Conditioners

Dometic Freshjet Air Conditioner Range


We Supply & Install Dometic Freshjet Air Con Range.

Introducing the new FreshJet RV air conditioner series. Featuring a streamlined design throughout the range, combined with superior cooling performance, optimised airflow, and the quietest operation yet. The Series 7 features the next generation of

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Roof Top Mounted Caravan Air Conditioning

Mounted atop the caravan roof, these air conditioning units are compact, lightweight, and offer a discreet solution that doesn’t compromise valuable interior space.

At the heart of a rooftop air conditioning system is a cooling unit equipped with a compressor, condenser, and evaporator. The compressor circulates refrigerant, drawing heat from the interior and expelling it outside. The cooled air is then distributed through the caravan’s vents, creating a refreshing environment within. 

One of the notable advantages of rooftop air conditioning is its ability to cool the entire living space evenly, providing consistent comfort for occupants. Moreover, the installation on the roof allows for efficient dissipation of heat, enhancing overall performance.

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H-Frames For Rooftop Air Cons


H-frames are installed on the roof of your caravan to provide additional support and strength to the rooftop air conditioner.

An H frame is a sturdy support structure designed to facilitate the secure installation of air conditioning units. Resembling the letter ‘H’ in its configuration, this frame is typically crafted from robust materials such as galvanized steel to ensure durability and strength.

By providing a stable, balanced, and versatile foundation, H frames contribute significantly to the overall weight distribution, vibration reduction, efficiency, safety, and longevity of your air conditioning system.

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Underbunk Air Conditioners

Underbunk air conditioners are a great choice for caravans under specific circumstances or preferences. Here are some situations when using an underbunk air conditioner in a caravan is a good idea:

  1. Limited Roof Space: If your caravan has limited roof space due to the presence of other fixtures like solar panels, roof racks, or vents, installing an underbunk air conditioner can be a practical choice. Underbunk units are designed to save space and avoid the need for additional roof modifications.
  2. Aesthetic Considerations: Some caravan owners prefer to maintain the exterior appearance of their vehicles and avoid adding protruding elements to the roof. Underbunk air conditioners are concealed inside the caravan, preserving the exterior aesthetics.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Underbunk air conditioners can be a more energy-efficient choice, as they often have lower cooling capacities compared to rooftop units. If you are conscious of power consumption and plan to use battery or generator power, underbunk units can be a suitable option.
  4. Quiet Operation: If you value a quiet and peaceful interior environment in your caravan, underbunk air conditioners are often quieter than rooftop units. This feature can significantly enhance your comfort, particularly during sleep or relaxation.
  1. Off-Grid Travel: If you frequently travel to remote or off-grid locations where access to external power sources is limited, underbunk air conditioners can operate effectively on self-contained power systems, such as batteries and generators.
  2. Space-Saving: Caravans come in various sizes, and space can be at a premium. Underbunk air conditioners are designed to maximize the interior living space, allowing for more efficient use of your caravan’s layout.
  3. Customization: Underbunk air conditioners offer a degree of customization in terms of placement, allowing you to choose where to install them, often under a bench or bed. This flexibility can be an advantage for those with specific layout preferences.
  4. Reduced Weight: Underbunk air conditioners are typically lighter than rooftop units, which can be important if you’re concerned about the overall weight of your caravan.
  5. Dual-Use for Heating: Many underbunk air conditioners come with heat pump functionality, providing both cooling and heating. This versatility makes them useful in various weather conditions.

It’s important to note that the suitability of an underbunk air conditioner depends on your specific needs, caravan size, and how you plan to use your vehicle. Assess your requirements and preferences carefully to determine if an underbunk air conditioner is the right choice for your caravan. If you value space-saving, aesthetics, or energy efficiency, an underbunk unit might be an excellent addition to your caravan.

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    Caravan Air Conditioning Repairs


    If you are experiencing a problem with your caravan or RV air conditioning unit you should consider the age of the air conditioning unit and the nature and frequency of the problem. 

    Whilst we do our best to fix older air conditioning units, there is always the possibility that you will spend a large amount of money only to have the problem reoccur.  Once a unit is more than 8 years old, getting parts becomes difficult if not impossible.

    Our preference is for customers to bring their caravan to our service centre. We will then have a quick look at the problem and advise. 

    Hints & Tips For Maintaing Your Air Conditioner

    Your caravan’s cooling system is essential for a comfortable journey, and maintaining it regularly ensures it stays reliable. Let’s explore the key steps to keep your cool companion in top-notch condition.

    Portable Air Conditioner


    A caravan portable air conditioner, is a compact and self-contained cooling system designed to provide temporary cooling relief to the interior of a caravan, motorhome, RV, or other mobile living spaces.

    These units are designed to be mobile, making them a convenient and versatile solution for travellers who want to maintain a comfortable climate inside their vehicles.

    Truma Air Conditioner Range


    We Supply & Install Truma Air Con Range

    To save space, an Aventa air conditioning system is installed on the roof of the caravan, motor home or van quietest operation yet. The Series 7 features the next generation of

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      Can I Install Air Con In My Motorhome Or Caravan?

      Find out more info on airconditioning your motorhome or caravan

      Benefits of A Caravan Air Conditoner


      Caravan air conditioning units offer several benefits for those who enjoy traveling in caravans or recreational vehicles (RVs). These benefits enhance the comfort and overall experience of your caravan adventures. Here are some of the key advantages of having a caravan air conditioner:

      1. Climate Control: The primary benefit of a caravan air conditioner is its ability to maintain a comfortable interior climate. It keeps the temperature inside your caravan cool during hot summer days and can provide warmth on chilly nights, ensuring you’re comfortable in various weather conditions.
      2. Improved Sleep: A caravan air conditioner can significantly improve the quality of your sleep while traveling. You can rest comfortably, especially in regions with extreme temperatures, without being disturbed by heat or cold.
      3. Reduced Humidity: Air conditioners are effective at reducing humidity levels. Lower humidity not only contributes to a more pleasant atmosphere but also helps prevent issues like mold and mildew growth inside the caravan.
      4. Better Health: Comfortable temperatures can positively impact your health by reducing the risk of heat-related illnesses, such as heatstroke, and improving air quality by filtering out dust and allergens.
      5. Enhanced Productivity: If you need to work or study while on the road, a caravan air conditioner can create a conducive environment, free from temperature-related distractions.
      6. Pet Comfort: If you travel with pets, a cool interior is essential to their well-being. Caravan air conditioning ensures that your furry companions remain comfortable during the journey.
      7. Cooking Comfort: An air conditioner can make cooking in the caravan more pleasant. It reduces the heat generated by stoves and ovens, making meal preparation more enjoyable.
      4. Pet Comfort: If you travel with pets, a cool interior is essential to their well-being. Caravan air conditioning ensures that your furry companions remain comfortable during the journey.
      5. Cooking Comfort: An air conditioner can make cooking in the caravan more pleasant. It reduces the heat generated by stoves and ovens, making meal preparation more enjoyable.
      6. Extended Travel Season: Caravan air conditioners enable you to travel comfortably during the hottest months or in regions with extreme temperatures, expanding your travel options.
      7. Preservation of Electronics: Air conditioning helps maintain stable temperatures, which can extend the life of sensitive electronic devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and cameras, that you may use during your travels.
      8. Resale Value: A caravan with a well-maintained air conditioner may have a higher resale value, as it’s a sought-after feature for many potential buyers.
      9. Customization: You can choose from a variety of caravan air conditioning units with different features and cooling capacities to meet your specific needs and preferences.
      10. Quiet Operation: Many modern caravan air conditioners are designed to operate quietly, so you can enjoy the cool, peaceful atmosphere without being disturbed by the noise.
      11. Dual-Use for Heating: Some caravan air conditioners are equipped with heat pump technology, allowing them to provide both cooling and heating, making them useful year-round.

      Can I Run My Caravan Air Conditioner On Generator

      Running a caravan air conditioner on a generator can be a practical solution in certain situations, but whether it’s the “best” choice depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Here are some factors to consider when deciding whether to run your caravan air conditioner on a generato

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