Caravan Servicing

We specialise in professional, reliable and competitive caravan servicing for all makes of caravans.

At a minimum we encourage our customers to service their caravan every 12 months or 10,000 km. 

You should also consider caravan servicing whenever the caravan has been unused for a long period of time, or when returning from a big trip which included a serious amount of off-grid driving.

A caravan service includes the inspection of brakes, bearings and hubs.

Caravan servicing also includes inspection of chassis, suspension, tyres, external lights and hitch.  Refer below for a full list of inclusions in our caravan servicing.

Choose from our standard caravan service package or our deluxe caravan servicing package.  Choosing the deluxe package for servicing your caravan ensures that you have a regular full check of your caravan or camper trailer.  Listed below are the specific differences between our standard package and our deluxe package.

We provide same day caravan service where possible.

Caravan Service Brisbane

When Should You Do a Caravan Service?

Safety Check Before a Trip

Before leaving on a family trip, book a service to ensure your caravan/RV is safe and ready to go.  Even if the caravan has been idle for months since the last service, we recommend a service before heading out.


A guide to servicing your caravan is 12 months or 10,000 km whichever comes first.  Regular servicing ensures your safety and allows small problems to be identified before they become major.

New 2nd Hand Caravan Service

If you just purchased a second hand caravan and want to put your mind at rest that your caravan is safe to travel, you should consider a deluxe service to identify and rectify any issues.

Single Axle Standard Service

12 Months or 10,000 km
  • Same Day Service

Included In Service

Clean and repack bearings
Adjust brakes
Check wheel nuts and studs
Check all traffic lights are working
Check wear on tyres and tyre pressure
Check wear on shoes
Check chassis for visible cracks
Check coupling & chains that hook onto the tow ball

Dual Axle Standard Service

12 Months or 10,000 km

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    Focuses on bearings, brakes, tyres etc. Refer to our schedule below for a full list of items included in this service.


    Includes all the items on the standard service in addition to a comprehensive inspection of your caravan internally and externally. Refer to our schedule below for a full list of items included in the deluxe service.

    The deluxe service gives you peace of mind that all other services are working properly, including 12V, 240V, gas and more.


    Always Check Your Wheel Nuts Before Travelling

    Single Axle Deluxe

    $ 490

    Deluxe Service


    Inspect under body of caravan – Check for loose wires, loose pipes etc.
    Inspect sealants
    Inspect suspension, shackles, and pins
    Test battery charger
    Inspect brake away system and battery
    Inspect hot water system
    Inspect mains 240W power
    Test water pump
    Test & adjust window latches
    Test all interior lights & 12V
    Inspect spare wheel
    Inspect awning and condition of fabric
    Test refrigerator, freezer & microwave
    12 Volt lights are functioning
    Test external & internal lights
    Air Con – check filters and not noisy
    Inspect smoke alarm and battery
    Inspect fire extinguisher compliance date
    Greasing corner stabilisers winding down to check complete operation
    Detailed report from our Service Manager with recommendations

    Dual Axle Deluxe

    $ 590

    Usage of caravans differs by individually which is why your approach to frequency of servicing your caravan or camper trailer is dependant on your specific usage. Regular servicing of your caravan gives you peace of mind that your caravan is safe for you and your family. 

    Servicing your caravan by professionals, helps prevent potentially severe and costly damage to your caravan, camper trailer or RV.

    If your caravan has been parked idle for some time and you are considering a long trip, or a trip with reasonable amounts of off-road, then we strongly recommend servicing your caravan before leaving.

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