In order to register a caravan in Queensland, you will require a caravan gas certificate if your caravan has a permanently installed gas supply (This could be a refrigerator, cooktop, bbq or water heater) and a roadworthy certificate.

Prior to a caravan being taken onto the road, it must be registered in the state you live in. If you move from one state to another, you will have to register your caravan in the new state. 

There is no need to have more than one state registration if you are travelling with your caravan across states.

A caravan gas certificate, certifies that your caravan complies with the current legislation.

If you are purchasing a second hand caravan, use the Queensland Government Van Aware Tool to ensure you are not purchasing a rebirthed van.

Two Stage Regulator with Over Pressure Protection (OPP)


A two-stage pressure reduction regulator with over-pressure protection (OPP) is the safest technique to lower cylinder pressure to a safe level for operating appliances and equipment. Two-stage gas pressure regulators reduce cylinder pressure in two phases, whereas single-stage regulators reduce cylinder pressure in one step.

Gas Pressure Test Point


A test point must be placed in your caravan. This test point can be found beneath the regulator. It allows the user to verify that gas is flowing through the regulator at a lower pressure than before.

Gas fitters’ plate or gas compliance plate


A professional licensed gas fitter must issue a gas permission paper or a gas compliance plate to the caravan. The history of gas installation and who did the work are displayed on a gas system compliance plate. 

Appliances that have been certified for use in Australia


Gas appliances must be certified as safe for use in Australia. If you bought your appliances from another country, be sure they meet Australian certification criteria. It will require Australian compliance for each appliance, as well as a compliance plate for the installations, to pass the inspection.

While obtaining a gas certificate for a caravan or recreational vehicle is not inherently complicated, it often requires certain rectifications to meet the certification standards. 

With ongoing changes to regulations of gas on caravans and recreational vehicles, there is always a possibility that a relatively new van could fail.

Given the diverse nature of potential issues, which can vary based on the caravan’s age and condition, we find it more advantageous to conduct all gas certificates and roadworthy certificate assessments on our premises.  If problems are encountered, we can fix them quickly in our premises prior to final certification saving you time, money and frustrations.

It’s worth considering that if a mobile gas certificate company identifies a problem with your caravan, they might fail it since they may lack the experience to perform the necessary rectifications. In such cases, you would then need to engage a repairer to address the issues before requesting a second gas inspection, incurring additional costs.

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    Is a caravan roadworthy certificate required for my caravan?

    A caravan weighing between 750kg and 3.5 tonnes (ATM) in Queensland requires a safety/roadworthy certificate. A safety certificate is not required for caravans weighing less than 750kg (ATM), however you must complete a Queensland Transport Self Assessment form.

    Is a caravan Gas Certificate required for my caravan?

    A gas certificate is required in addition to the safety/roadworthy certificate if your caravan has a permanently installed gas supply. This could be a refrigerator, cooktop, or hot water system.

    Do I need to make a booking to get a Caravan Gas Certificate for my caravan?

    Booking for a caravan gas certifiate is necessary. Depending on workload, you should allow 2-3 weeks, therefore, do not wait until you sell the caravan to make your booking.

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