Caravan diesel heaters are a perfect way of heating up your caravan irrespective of your location.  Diesel heater have become more popular with owners of caravans and recreational vehicles who enjoy the freedom of going off-grid and still have the luxuries of home.

Diesel heaters for your caravan, bus, van or RV, can vary considerably in price depending on the brand you choose, therefore it is important to have a budget in mind as to what you want to spend as the price difference can be well over a thousand dollars.



As a general guideline, for caravans and vehicles under 21 feet a 2kW heater will be sufficient. Caravans larger than 21 feet, large buses and other large recreational vehicles, should consider a 5kw diesel heater.

Pop tops and expanders tend to lose heat easily through canvass, therefore choosing the right diesel heater, will depend on the overall size of your van.

Sizing suggestions is purely a guide based on Australian weather patterns. Once you are ready to decide, our experienced team can assist.

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Caravan Diesel Heaters can be broken into 3 tiers. The premium tier brands like Eberspacher and Webasto are made in Europe and offer a quality, reliable product with a price that reflects this. These are the Rolls Royce of the Diesel Heaters for individuals that want the best and are prepared to pay for it.

Mid tear brands are generally made in China with some brands providing heaters with key components made in Europe.  We generally work with a couple of brands in this group, which over the years have proven to be reliable, effective, and economical.  The difference in price between a Premium and Mid-Tear brand can be as much as $1,000 or more. Some of these diesel heaters come with a 5-year warranty supported by companies that have an Australian office with ready available parts.

Low tier caravan diesel heaters are made in China and generally do not have a brand associated with the product.  The price difference compared to mid tear brands is not considerable, which is why we generally recommend a mid-tear brand to consumers that want heating in their caravan at an affordable price.

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A common oversite when venturing on a winter vacation in a caravan or RV is to assume that your reverse cycle air conditioner will provide for your heating needs.  This is true if you plan to spend all your time in a powered site.  However, if your adventure takes in some out of the way places which are off grid, then you better have an amazing solar system, or you may need a diesel heater.

As the name suggests a diesel heater runs on diesel, so if your diesel tank is topped up, your diesel heater will work in any location or environment.  Diesel heater are very efficient, so a tank of diesel goes a long way.




In some instances, an existing diesel fuel source will be sufficient for your diesel heater. For caravans, campers and trailers, you will most likely require a diesel tank which commonly comes in 5L, 7L or10L capacity. The location of the diesel tank will vary by vehicle to ensure ease of access and safety.

Diesel tanks can be plastic, steel and or lockable.

Our recommendation is to select a steel fuel tank.

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