Caravan Awnings

Adding an awning to your caravan, RV, motorhome, bus or horse float, automatically increases your outdoor living space of your vehicle.  We supply a large range of Caravan awnings, motorhome awnings and RV Awnings to suit all sizes and shapes.

Our caravan awnings allow you to add privacy screens or annex walls to customise and enhance even further your outdoor living space.

We supply all major brands of caravan awnings including Fiamma, Coolabah, Thule, Sunburst Eclipse and Carefee.

We also replace the fabrics on your existing awning

Types Of Caravan Awnings

  • Roll out awnings: Require a hardware set of arms which attach to the side of your caravan, and the roller with fabric. Roll out awnings are very sturdy and area available in larger sizes.  Arms can remain attached to side of van or can be detached in the upright position, allowing you to secure them down if needed.  Roll our awnings are easy to setup and pull down.
  • Box awnings: They are fast and easy to set up with manual or electric wind out functions. Box awnings are good option for motorhomes, vans, buses etc.
  • Bag awnings: Bag awnings are a cheaper lightweight yet sturdy design that is easy to use and can be operated by single person. You simply fix your caravan bag awning to your vehicle, unzip the bag and unroll the awning. You can then pull out the legs and rafter braces from the roll bar and secure them in place.


Fiamma is a leader in the awning industry. The Italian brand is justifiably respected because they design stylish products that are also high quality.

Their F45 S series fits perfectly into this category. This caravan rollout awning comes in a range of sizes. Unusually, you can get one as small as 5.5 feet. This is uncommon because a lot of awnings start at around 8-10 feet.

Meanwhile, their size gradually progresses to 15.5 feet. This is less than some of their competitors but will suit small to midsize caravans. Furthermore, it extends 1-2.5 metres, depending on the size of the awning.

It’s both waterproof and U.V resistant so it should be effective in most of the weather conditions you’ll encounter in Australia.

The awning’s low-profile box is made from aluminium, which helps keep the weight down. Fiamma provides five different colours so you should be able to find something that suits your van.

Another great feature is LED lighting

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    We carry a full range of caravan awning accessories in our retail store.

    • Anti-flap kits  – locks and secures the sides of the awning to prevent flapping in the wind and ease of installing privacy screens. 

    • Curved roof rafters – these aide in keeping the awning tort and assist in water run off in case you get caught in the rain.

    • Ties downs – can be necessary for most awning to secure the awning in place in case of gusts of wind or bad weather.

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    Our caravan repair specialists are qualified in all aspects of repairs to your caravan utilities, including repairs to any damaged services, rerunning of old services and upgrading of utilities and services.

    12V Electrical – We can assist with repairs, installation or upgrading of low voltage lighting, solar off-grid systems, installation of 12V fans, USB charging stations and virtually any 12V service associated with your caravan or recreational vehicle.

    240V Electrical – We can assist with rerunning your electrical system, undertaking upgrades, installation of power points and more.

    Plumbing – We can assist with repairs to leaking lines, upgrades to plumbing services, conversion of water lines, installation of water tanks and grey water tanks, installation of water tank gauges and more.

    LP Gas – Our caravan repair specialists can run new gas lines to new services, upgrade existing services and repair problems. Gas certificates available

    Our specialist team is experienced in all forms of hail damage, storm damage and overall water leaks.  We can assist with both internal and external repairs.

    Oz Caravan World works with all the major caravan insurance companies in Australia.  Simply nominate Oz Caravan World as your preferred repairer and let us do the rest for you.

    If you need a quote for your insurance, give us a call after you have nominated Oz Caravan World on your claim form and we will arrange an appointment to assess the damage and prepare a quote.

    If you are experiencing water penetration and or visible water damage to the internal areas of your caravan, give us a call for an inspection and quote.

    We can assist with repairing leaks and any internal damage.

    Oz Caravan World recommends regular inspection of your caravan given the severe climate conditions of Queensland.  If you service your vehicle with us, just ask for an inspection and it will be included in your service free of charge.

    If you experienced the awful feeling of hitting your awning on a tree branch or came back to your van to find a gust of wind has readjusted your awning, then we can assist. 

    We carry a range of replacement parts for most popular brands of awnings including replacement awning, replacement arms and reskinning of your existing awning.

    Our specialist team is experienced in all forms of hail damage, storm damage and overall water leaks.  We can assist with both internal and external repairs.

    Our caravan repair specialists can assist you in repairing faulty air conditioners except for re-gassing. 

    Air conditioning repairs can be costly, which is why we ask our customers to consider the age of the air conditioning unit before spending any money. 

    We carry a range of air conditioners in our retail store and can have you up and running quickly in the advent that a repair turns into a replacement.

    We can assist with repairs to your caravan floor including full replacement of flooring and vinyl.

    If your upholstery has been damaged or your just sick and tired of looking at the same old design, then our specialist caravan repairers can assist you.  We carry a large range of upholstery materials and leathers.  We can assist with repairs and replacement of lounges, bed heads and other caravan features.


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