Caravan Fridge Repairs, & New Fridge Installations

Oz Caravan World provides caravan fridge repairs and RV fridge repairs in Brisbane.

Although older caravan fridges last much longer than recent ones, all good things must come to an end, which is why we ask our customers to consider the age of the fridge, the nature of the problem and how often the problem has occurred in the past. 

These factors are important when deciding the best way forward.  Getting parts to repair caravan fridges older than 10 years, at times can be difficult, costly and can take time. 

Whilst we do our best to fix older fridges, we don’t like taking money from customers for short term fixes that may reoccur or that may cause other older parts to fail. To avoid this, we ask our customers to bring their caravan to our service centre. We will then have a quick look at the fridge and advise a sensible cause of action that will not waste your money.

For new caravan fridges, we can remove, dispose, and install a new caravan fridge for our customers. 


We offer a wide range of 2-way compressor fridges as well as 3-way absorption fridges in our retail store where you can feel and touch your new fridge first before installation.

We Carry A Large Range of 2-Way & 3-Way Fridges Visit Our Brendale Show Room

Thetford T2175 Compressor
Fridge – 174L

Stock Available In Our
Retail Store.
What is the Difference Between 3-Way Fridge

As the name suggests 3-way fridge provides 3 options to run it being electricity, gas or 12V.  These fridges are also referred to as absorption fridge and are designed to maximise efficiency irrespective of the power source.

3-Way fridges have been around for some time and generally have a couple of downsides. The power usages on 12V is very high and can easily drain your batteries. They also generate a lot of heat and must be completely level to operate at maximum potential.

2-Way fridges also known as compressor fridges operate on electricity and 12V only. These fridges are designed to be efficient on these power sources making them ideal for 12V off grid use.  Some of the statistics published show that a 2-Way compressor fridge uses 8 times less power than a 3-Way fridge making it very efficient on power. This means that when you are driving, your fridge can run on your caravan battery and consume very little of your power.

2-Way fridges do not generate excessive heat and will function efficiently even if your caravan or RV is not perfectly level.

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    We Carry A Large Range of Fridges In Our Retail Store

    • Size Ranges From 85 Litres Up

    • Compressor and Absorption Fridges

    • Option of Fridges That Can Be Sheeted In The Front To Match Your Cabinetry

    • All Fridges Come With Manufacturer Warranty

    • Wide Range of Vents for Absorption Fridges

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    • Professional Friendly Service

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