Customise An Old Caravan Ready For Permanent Caravan Living

The large increases in house rental pricing across Australia has seen a notable shift, with permanent caravan living emerging as a practical solution for those unable to afford soaring rents or families seeking additional living space. 

Purchasing an old caravan and getting it custom renovated specifically for your needs has become a cost-effective trend, not only saving substantial money and stress in cost of rent, but also in providing a versatile home and office space for those navigating the work-from-home era.

Renovating old caravans for caravan living is proving to be a fantastic alternative to tiny houses on wheels as they offer a larger, more practical solution specifically designed for your needs.  The bonus being that you can also use it family holidays.

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Customising Options for Caravan Living


“Individual needs vary, and that’s why customizing an old caravan to align with your unique daily and work requirements for permanent caravan living is crucial. This transition from a traditional unit or house to a caravan can be seamlessly facilitated through the personalized services provided by Oz Caravan World.

Oz Caravan World assists customers full customisation starting with the design using our in-house specialist designers that can help come up with a space efficient way to achieve your objectives. We offer in-house cabinet making facilities using only light weight products specifically designed for caravans, in-house steel, aluminium, and stainless-steel manufacturing as well as in-house welding, upholstery, and curtains. 

Visit our display centre to simplify the selection process for colours and finishes. We provide a comprehensive range of options, making it convenient for you to choose elements that match your preferences.

Our retail store offers an extensive selection of fridges, cookers, lights, fans, air conditioners, diesel heaters, antennas, satellite systems, toilets, showers, awnings, and more, all at highly competitive prices. We believe in giving our customers access to quality products without compromising affordability.

The control we maintain over every aspect of your caravan renovation enables us to manage the entire process efficiently. This ensures a high-quality renovation, competitive pricing, and a quicker transition for you to start living in your customized caravan.”

Before Renovation

After Renovation

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    Tips To Help You Choose A Caravan to Renovate

     When selecting an old caravan for your permanent caravan living conversion, there are some crucial factors you should consider:

    1. Size: The size of the caravan plays a pivotal role in determining what features you can incorporate into your living space. If you plan to include a shower and toilet, opt for a larger caravan. For those considering amenities like bunk beds for kids, a caravan upwards of 22ft is advisable. Keep in mind that external showers can also be an option based on your specific needs and budget.

    2. External Structure: Ensure the caravan you choose has a solid, sturdy structure to manage renovation costs effectively. Inspect the seals and the underside of the caravan. While some rust is treatable, be cautious of any signs of water damage.

    3. Internal Structure: For a comprehensive renovation, the internal structure is less critical. Focus on checking that the electrical system and water are in working condition. Other interior elements can be renovated as needed.

    4. Price: The cost will vary based on the size and age of the caravan. If the exterior is sound, most of your budget will be allocated to internal renovations, which is the goal. As a general guideline, allocate around 25% of your budget to purchasing the caravan and 75% to the renovation.

    5. Important Note: When purchasing a caravan, you will receive a gas certificate and a roadworthy certificate from the seller. If you’re still having doubts consider our caravan inspection service, conducted at our premises. This service provides you with a professional assessment of your prospective purchase.

    Video of Full Renovation for Living Caravan

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