Toyota Hiace Campervan Conversion

Specializing in customised conversions for a diverse range of vehicles, buses, and recreational vehicles, our company has a rich history of showcasing expertise in Toyota Hiace Van conversions.

A testament to our craftsmanship is the full Toyota Hiace conversion we recently completed for an exceptional customer who graciously agreed to share her experience with us.

To elevate the standard of product and service in our custom Hiace van conversions, our company possesses in-house facilities for cabinet fabrication, steel fabrication, welding, and stainless steel fabrication. We’ve also forged partnerships in curtain manufacturing and upholstery, streamlining the conversion experience for our customers. 

By managing these integral components of the conversion process, we can ensure competitive pricing and adhere to prompt delivery timelines for our customers.

Tailoring your recreational vehicle to meet your unique needs and preferences provides the chance to have something original and exceptional.

No need to settle for less, especially if you plan to spend extensive time in a converted Toyota Hiace Van, you will want to ensure all the comforts of home and then some.

Custom conversions not only offer genuine competitive pricing but also provide significantly more flexibility.

Our customers come from various corners of Australia.

Converting a Toyota Hiace to a Camper

Embarking on the exciting journey of retirement, our customer envisioned short exploratory jaunts across Australia, with dreams of extending to more extensive trips in the future.

When she approached us about converting a Toyota Hiace to a camper her vision was crystal clear—she yearned for a transformation that not only radiated freshness and modernity but also incorporated a multitude of features both inside and outside the van, providing the comforts of home in a stylish package.

Our initial emphasis was on installing a pop-top, allowing the van to seamlessly fit into existing garages while offering ample headroom when in use.

Our all-encompassing design aimed to integrate an internal cooking area alongside an external kitchen, ensuring a complete off-grid experience. The checklist covered abundant storage, hot water facilities, a shower, an onboard water tank, a spacious fridge, a substantial awning, a TV, modern lighting, and a user-friendly setup.

The design also had the foresight for potential expansions beyond the van’s confines. We strategically wired additional exterior lighting and beneath the rear door, anticipating a possible extension to enhance space and privacy for the van.


Upon completion, we incorporated features to streamline the operation of opening and closing the pop-top, ensuring convenience for our client.

Feel free to connect with the dedicated team at Oz Caravan World if you are considering converting aToyota Hiace into a camper. 

We offer a wide range of custom made design ranging from minimalist designs with a bed and slide-out kitchen to bringing to life your most imaginative ideas and concepts. At Oz Caravan World we make your conversion of a Toyota HiAce to camper fun and simple as we provide a one stop destination for custom made conversions.

I was so excited about retirement and took up a friend’s recommendation to buy a Toyota Hiace van as he recommended a company that could do the conversion for me.  Unfortunately, they did not work out and without too much knowledge on the subject, I started a lengthy process of talking to everyone I could in my home town, Ballina and Brisbane.

Not all advice was good, and it was difficult to work out who I could trust with my new van. What I thought would be fun, not only turned out to be difficult, challenging and stressful but it also looked like it would take 1 to 2 years before the work could be done.

Looking through an RV magazine I decided to contact a fellow Hiace owner who suggested that I contact Oz Caravan World at Brendale as they had a good reputation.  I met with them the following week and was really impressed by their knowledge, friendly approach, and willingness to help. By the end of our first appointment, I was comfortable I had found the right company for my conversion.

The team at Oz Caravan World, guided me with the design of the van, showing me a range of options and guiding me through what could and could not be done.  Once we locked in the design, selecting colours, appliances, fittings etc was so easy in their display centre which had on display a bunch of option for me to pick from.

Throughout the conversion, they kept sending me photos and allowed me to visit their service centre 4 times to see the progress of the van and have a chat about progress.  The team was always available and ready to help which was really fantastic.

I loved the way that they involved me in the conversion along the way. Although they were doing it for me, I really felt part of it and enjoyed the ability to make some changes along the way.  I also loved the way they really wanted to make sure that everything was simple to use. They even modified the pop-top by automating the opening and closing process to make it easier for me.

I could not have done this without Oz Caravan World. The final product is amazing and I highly recommend this professional and friendly company to anyone who is looking to do a renovation or conversion.


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