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Bus Conversion  and Renovation To Recreational Vehicle

Converting a bus can be incredibly fun when you can work with fabulous customers, who can clearly articulate their needs and then are willing to consider design solutions to achieve them.When we first met our customers Graeme and Robyn, they asked us to run the 240 electrical wiring, 12V lines, water and gas, add some windows and build the internal walls of the bus for them. Once completed, they were planning to do the rest of the bus conversion themselves.

After the second meeting and some exposure to the Oz Caravan World team, they were comfortable in handing the entire bus conversion internal fit out to Oz Caravan World and then managing the external paint themselves.

Being a large bus conversion over several months, we held several meetings at various stages to discuss progress, consider opportunities or challenges and discuss our options. This process was well received by Graeme and Robyn who were always delighted to be given options and complete transparency.

The conversion was extremely challenging due to height restrictions and the existing structural condition of the bus.  Considerable time was allocated to getting the structure right and having a sound wall structure to build all the internal fit out. Retaining access to underside of bus componentry was challenging particularly given the location to the bedroom.

The next challenge was getting sufficient space on the roof to accommodate the bus air con, new air con, solar panels, vents, satellite dish and more.

Overall, the team at Oz Caravan World, really enjoyed this conversion. We hope you enjoy the video which shows what can be achieved when our customers work in collaboration with our design team, to maximise the space, and create a recreational vehicle that brings the comforts of home, on the road around beautiful Australia.

Special thanks to Graeme and Robyn, we hope the bus brings you joy and sensational memories.

Inside shot of a bus conversion done by Oz Caravan World

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    Bus Conversions
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    • Slide Out Laundry In Storage Compartment

    • Seperate Shower & Toilet

    • Full Off Grid Solar System

    • Modern Kitchen

    • Add/Remove Windows & Doors

    • Slide Out Pantry

    • Large Refrigerator Compartments

    • Bunk Beds

    • Hers & His Hanging Robes

    • Range of Lounges Designs

    • Curtains & Blinds

    • Large Water Tanks

    • Slide Out Kitchens

    • Complete Bedrooms With Storage & Bedheads

    Graeme Kennedy

    In preparation for retirement from the army, the wife and I bought a bus with the intention of converting the bus into a recreational vehicle. The objective of the bus renovation was to replicate our comforts of home including a large modern kitchen.

    We quickly realised that the amount of work involved in converting the bus to a recreational vehicle was probably more than what we envisaged.

    With a tight budget, we spoke to several caravan repair/renovation companies including Oz Caravan World.  It became evident that our initial budget would not be sufficient and so we opted to a have the more difficult parts of the bus conversion done and do the rest ourselves.  The team at Oz Caravan World were extremely helpful and came up with a quote for the work we specifically wanted done to meet our budget.

    We were so impressed with the process and their approach that we opted to give the entire bus renovation to Oz Caravan World as we felt we could trust them to get it done professionally and economically.