Caravan Hail Damage - Insurance Repair

Brings tears to your eyes, but unfortunately, the severe storm weather in Australia brings hail to various parts of the country on a yearly basis, much to the disappointment of many caravan owners.

At Oz Caravan Worlds, our team boasts years of expertise in managing insurance repairs for caravan hail damage in Brisbane and surrounding regions.  

Our foremost goal is to streamline the process for our valued customers, and to this end, we extend a 15-minute obligation-free consultation with our professional service technicians. Whether it’s conducted in-person at our offices or over the phone, we prioritise convenience, especially if the vehicle remains drivable.

We adopt different approaches depending on the severity of the caravan hail damage.

For severe hail damage, our service technicians are skilled in panel replacement looking to match other non-damaged components. Most importantly we do our best to get you back on the road quickly

We work with all Australian insurance companies making it easier for our customers. Simply nominate Oz Caravan World as your repairer on your insurance claim, and we do the rest.

As part of our caravan hail damage insurance repairs, we check all seals and perform a water ingress test to verify that any other leaks are identified and rectified as part of your insurance repairs to your caravan.

3 Simple Steps To Get You Back On The Road

Step 1

Initial Contact
  • Arrange a 15 Minute Meeting
  • Nominate Oz Caravan World as Your Repairer On Your Insurance Claim

Step 2

Arrange A Quote
  • Bring The Vehicle In For Inspection
  • We Lodge A Quote With The Insurance Company
  • We Follow Up To Get Your Claim Approved
  • Materials Ordered
  • Vehicle Booked In To Do The Repairs

Step 3

Complete The Work
  • Repair Work Commences
  • We Lodge A Quote With The Insurance Company
  • QA Completed Work
  • Ready For Customer Pickup

We Work With All The Major Insurance Companies

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    Work carried out in a large professional and secure service centre.

    Drive through facility for ease of access. No reversing, no hassle.

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