Millard 1981 Caravan Renovation

When considering the conversion/renovation of this Millard 1981 caravan model the owners loved the layout in particular the huge lounge and triple bunks.  The design is ideal for a large family and during our first meeting, we established the key objectives of this Millard caravan renovation restoration was to retain the unique and limited large open lounge as the centrepiece of the renovation. The second objective was to modernise the caravan reflecting the modern style design of a new home.

Our designers found it very easy and fun, working with this family, with everyone including the kids getting involved in the design and bringing bits into the workshop.

The final product shows how you can restore an old beauty to provide modern facilities for the family.

If you are thinking of converting or renovating a Millard caravan or any other caravan, camper, bus, van etc, then get in contact with our designers to see just what we can do.

Before and after shots of a caravan renovations

1981 Millard Caravan Before Renovation

Bund Beds & Robe
Fold Out Bed

Dan and Michelle Glass

We bought a caravan renovation with the grand intention of renovating it ourselves. It became apparent very quickly that the quality and workmanship of our renovation was outside of our skillset.

We spoke with 3 other caravan repairers/renovating companies and after meeting Oz Caravan World, it was obvious that they could meet our objectives in a timely and cost-effective manner.

During our initial meetings with the Oz Caravan World team, we established a plan to maintain the unique characteristics of this model of caravan, which was important to us, whilst achieving a modernised look. This process was enjoyable for us and encouraging.

The team at Oz Caravan World provided the knowledge, expertise, and comfort that their technicians were able to design, build and complete our renovation in an exceptional way which in fact was greater than we could have possibly imagined.

Millard 1981 Conversion Completed In Brisbane

The challenge in the restoration and renovation of this Millard Caravan was retaining the original spacious design of the caravan whilst introducing a modern design that reflects the needs of a young family of 5. 

Complete with a new air con, full off-grid solar system, external shower, large awning, hot water system, large fridge, and a spacious lounge/dining facility, this 40-year-old beauty is now part of a young family’s list of caravanning adventures and fun.

Images Of Work In Progress

These photos show some of the steps involved in renovating a Millard 1981 model caravan.  We encountered some challenges with the flooring, which needed strengthening and relevelling.

We originally planned to retain the frame of the bed structure, however we opted to rebuild the entire bed and start again.


We did strengthen the walls and ceiling.