Caravan Renovation in Brisbane

Our experience team specialises in all type so caravan renovations including restoration of caravans, conversions of buses, conversion of vans to recreational vehicles and the conversion of vans into commercially viable mobile units.

Caravan renovations can be as simple as the removal of a lounge or bunk beds to a complete internal build.

What better way to bring an old caravan back to life than a fresh caravan renovation/restoration!  Our caravan renovation specialists, can assist with caravan renovations, caravan restorations, full fit outs and conversions of vans, buses and any other recreational type vehicle

Our experienced caravan renovation specialists and designers will help you with a range of caravan renovation options or full conversions of buses and vans, to suit any budget.

When it comes to caravan renovations in Brisbane, there is no limit to the level of improvements and additions that can be made which can transform a loved tired caravan into something modern and special. 

Our caravan renovation/restoration services include internal, external, curtains, flooring, upholstery and much more.

How We Assist You With Caravan Renovations

Retro Caravan Conversions & Fitout

Helpful Hints To Doing Your Own Reno

Conversion of Vans & Caravans To Commercial Business Vehicles

We can assist customers with conversions of vans, caravans, or buses to commercial mobile vehicles. 

Mobile vans continue to grow in popularity as customers become more time poor.

Our specialists can work with any design/specification or for new businesses, our designers can assist with coming up with a suitable design.

Oz Caravan World offers a one stop solution including upholstery, curtains, appliances, flooring, air conditioners and more.

Book an appointment with our designers to discuss your mobile unit conversion and be impressed with just how much can be done.

Caravan renovations can be as simple as adding an ensuite, a toilet, bunk beds or new reclining chairs or as wide-ranging as a full internal renovation that completely changes the look and feel of you caravan.

Our team of specialists provide a one stop caravan refurbishment/renovation destination which can include your upholstery, curtains, lighting, accessories, flooring, wall panelling and more.

Depending on your budget, we can identify a staged caravan renovation program that allows you to breakup a full renovation into manageable financial stages.

Get the wheels in motion for your caravan renovation and come and see our team of professional caravan designers and technicians.

Why Customers Choose Oz Caravan World

  • Professional Friendly Service

  • Affordable & Competitive Pricing

  • We Always Put Safety First

  • Reliable and Dependable

  • We Offer A One Stop Solution For All Your Recreational Vehicle Needs

  • We Assist With Fitout Design

  • We Offer a Selection Centre

  • We Maintain a Log Book for Your Vehicle Free of Charge

  • Wide Range of Innovative Products In Our Retail Store

  • No Long Waiting Periods

Small Caravan Renovations

Remove Bunk Beds

If the kids have grown up then you may want to replace the bunk beds with an ensuite, additional storage space or some reclining chairs. Our team can offer options to better utilise the space gained by unwanted bunk beds.

Add or Renovate Shower & Toilet

If you feel it’s time to stop those middle of the night walks to the camp toilets, then there may be some options to introduce a shower and toilet into your caravan or recreational vehicle. We can also fully renovate your existing ensuite, introduce washing machines and or private external showers. Our team can help you in the design process to find the best possible option.

Get Comfy With Some Recliners

Why not treat yourself to some of the comforts of home in your home away from home and introduce some comfy chairs into your caravan or RV. Watching your favourite TV show in the comfort of your caravan recliners is not difficult and certainly achievable. Our team can assist you in finding the right solution for your vehicle.

New Kitchen

A caravan kitchen can be as progressive and modern as your home kitchen, including coffee machine, microwave, large fridge, oven, stone benches look alike, nice splashbacks, sinks and more. View the range of options available in our display centre and be surprised at how easy it is to transform the old kitchen in your van into something practical and modern for todays lifestyle.

Furniture & Bedding Modification

Gone are the days of roughing it in a caravan. Unless you have not been paying attention, caravans today reflect the same lifestyle that you are used to in your home. If your bed is too small or you need more robe space, or storage space, then we can make that happen for you. Book an appointment with our team to see what can be done to make your nights more comfortable on the road.

Introduce An Outdoor Kitchen

Whilst we love our caravan kitchens, there are many practical reasons why we rarely use them, which is why many Australians have opted for an outdoor kitchen on their caravan or RV. We offer several options for outdoor kitchens to suit most caravans and recreational vehicles. Check out our display centre and see which option is best suited for your vehicle. If you don’t like what we have, we can custom make a solution specifically for your vehicle in our factory.

Reupholster Lounge, Bed Heads and Pelmetss

We pride ourselves on being a one stop solution for caravans and RV’s which is why we offer a reupholstering service in-house. You can choose your material and colours in our display centre and we do the rest for you.

Upgrade Blinds & Curtains

Ready for a change in your caravan curtains? Choose from a simple change in colour/design right through to electric curtains and blinds. Visit our display centre to choose colours and material as well as potential options for automation.

Increase Storage

Convert wasted space into storage and or gain better access to storage areas. Introduce external doors to access under bed storage and lots more.

Upgrade Your Services - Water, Power, Gas

The first step of any major renovation is the replacement of plumbing, water tanks, power, 12V and gas lines. All works done by professional experience people. Once completed we provide certification for electrical and gas.

Enternal Sheeting

Full or partial resheeting of your outer panel including upgrade of stickers/decals.

Internal Walls, Insulation & Ceiling

Starting with a completely empty caravan, we can assist in insulating your caravan and building internal walls and ceiling. If necessary, we can run all the electrical, plumbing, gas and 12V services before sheeting making easier for the next round of renovation.

Upgrade Cabinet Doors, Handles, Benchtops & Splashbacks

If you are bored with the old style cabinetry, your renovation could be as simple as replacing all your cabinet doors & handles, and introducing some modern bench tops to your kitchen and splashback.

Why Not a Laundry

Ready to bring the luxuries of home into your caravan or motor vehicle? Add a washing machine and dryer to your caravan either internally or externally. Convert bus travel storage areas to slide out laundries or access washing machines from storage boxes.

Renovating a Recreational Vehicle (RV) allows you to put your own personal touch on your existing home away from home.

When life circumstances change, the opportunity presents itself to modify the configuration of your existing RV as opposed to buying a new one. Oz Caravan World can assist you from a basic renovation to a full doover of the internal areas.

Out team can assist in the design and selection of everything from material for your curtains, upholstery, lights, flooring and more. Look at options in our retail showroom and select in minutes rather than running around the city from business to business.

If you have a particular design in mind, bring us the pictures and let us do the rest. You will be amazed at the difference an RV renovation will make to your recreational vehicle.

We have extensive experience in fitting out new or used vehicles in readiness for travel, fun and discovery. 

No job is too big or small. Out team can assist your RV Renovation with adding head room through soft top or hard top (where available) as well as any fit-out required. We can install and upgrade your vehicles capabilities and install a full off-grid solution for power and water.

The larger the vehicle the more the possibilities for comfort and luxury. Nothing is out of reach, including your own personal SPA bath, exercise area or onboard bar.  The possibilities are endless.

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One Stop Shop For Caravan Renovation Upgrades and Restoration

We offer a one stop solution for all Caravan Renovations, Refurbishments and more, including reupholstery, curtain/blinds, flooring, new cupboards, lounges, showers and more.

Once we agree on the extent of your caravan renovation, we work with you to finalise all your selections including materials for upholstery, curtains, flooring, lighting, handles, tapware, sinks, showers and more.

We carry everything in our showroom, making selection nice and simple under the one roof. There is no need for you to run around different businesses around the city, with colour charts and fabrics as we have it all in the one place for you.

Our in-house designer, with many years’ experience in home/caravan renovations can assist with colour scheme selections as well as offer some options to get you thinking about the possibilities for your caravan.

Caravan and RV Renovations have never been easier with Oz Caravan World, your specialist caravan renovator.

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