Hit the Road with Confidence:
A Comprehensive Guide to Preparing Your Caravan for a Road Trip"

As winter bids farewell, you might be contemplating getting your caravan ready for another season of spring and summer adventures—traveling, enjoying the outdoors, and cooking up great meals in the Aussie sunshine.

For beginners seeking guidance on preparing their vans for a trip, here’s a basic checklist:

  1. Inspect for Any Rust: It’s crucial to identify potential rust points early and treat them. Check under your caravan, focusing on the chassis, rear bumper, and the front section up to your tow bar. Examine the roof for any brackets and connections related to antennas, solar panels, and air conditioning.
  2. Inspect for Safety and Leaks: Ensure everything is still safe and check for any leaks. Examine fly screens for tears and ensure your awning opens easily without any tears. Clean the van thoroughly, especially if you spot any mold residue. Check water tanks, taps, and pumps for functionality, and inspect under the van for any leaks.
  3. Batteries: In most campervans or motorhomes, there’s more than one battery. Don’t forget your dual battery system during inspections. Turn everything on to ensure no batteries have died over the winter. Clean and dry your batteries, removing dirt and grime. Tighten terminals, clamps, and screws. Test your battery with a voltmeter or hydrometer. If uncertain, your local caravan service centre can assist.
  4. Tyres and Wear and Tear Items: Check tyre pressure and ensure they are in good condition. If your van has been idle, look out for flat spots. Lift the van off the ground if possible or use covers. If the van has been unused for an extended period, occasionally drive around to prevent flat spots. Check air pressure at the local service station.
Tips to Prepare Your Caravan For A Road Trip
  1. Hot Water System & Gas Bottles: If you have a hot water system, ensure it’s functioning correctly. Check gas bottles for leaks by connecting the barbecue and lighting it for a few minutes.
  2. Shake, Rattle, and Roll: After inspecting, take your caravan for a spin, preferably on a bumpy road. Listen for any rattles or noises. If needed, have someone else drive so you can focus on identifying noises.
  3. Full System Check:  Review all internal systems, including electrical, plumbing, and heating. Test appliances and ensure they are in optimal working condition.
  4. Emergency Preparedness: Equip your caravan with essential emergency items, including a first aid kit, tools, and a roadside assistance plan.

Remember, if you’re unsure or prefer professional assistance, your family owned team at Oz Caravan World is always an option. Safe travels!


If you want to have everything checked by a professional before leaving for a big trip, book an inspection into our Service Centre and our Service Technicians will ensure you will be on the road safely.

John – Service Centre Manager

Service Manager


  1. Garry & Mary-Anne Brown

    April 6, 2021

    Installation of shower and toilet in our van. Great, efficient service, excellent work and friendly, professional advice. So pleased we found you!
    Thanks so much to the whole team, especially Ute, John and Christian

    1. ITCC

      April 6, 2021

      Thank you so much Mary-Anne

  2. Glenn & Rhonda Simmons

    April 6, 2021

    First time customer. Contacted Cristian regarding work we required, he was very knowledgeable & extremely helpful. We required parts to be shipped from interstate, Cristian continually ringing giving us updates. John completed the work, going above and beyond, completing things other dealers weren’t able to do. John is an amazing tradesman. We recommend Oz Caravans highly, can’t thank Cristian & John enough.

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